Los Sampler’s

1. Los Sampler’s: “Descarga Mecano (version muy differente)”

I just stumbled on this 45 and I have no idea where I got it.  In fact, I don’t think I really ever listened to it until now. I must have purchased it in Europe about 7 years ago, I’m not certain. Nevertheless, it’s totally awesome.

It ends up that Los Sampler’s is none other than the German Uwe Schmidt a.k.a. Señor Coconut. I guess the two songs on this 45 were outtakes of the Los Sampler’s debut lp (I didn’t even know there was a full length record).

The tune I selected is most likely a remix of Israel “Cachao” Lopez’s “Descarga Cubana“, possibly even Tito Rodriguez’s version “Descarga Cachao“.  The B side is a Perez Prado/Bene More remix/sample of “Babarabatiri” which is a bit more experimental than the first (which is probably why i didn’t post it). Anyway, cool stuff. You got to hand it to Señor Coconut, or whatever you want to call him (he has over 50 allias’), he’s pretty much the pioneer of the whole latin electronica music scene that started in the late 90’s.

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