Boogaloo Brazil

 1. Wilson Simonal: Pais Tropical

It should seem ok that I stick Wilson Simonal in a “boogaloo” category. He never was really part of the bossa nova  movement in Brazil and is more typically associated with soul, jazz, and other more popular black American pop music of the 60’s. Pais Tropical (tropical country) is probably the more boogaloo sounding tracks on this LP. The song is pretty common and I’ve heard versions from Jorge Ben (I think he pen’s it), Gal Costa, and Sergio Mendes. 

It was tunes like this that made Wilson Simonal a national idol in Brazil. A style of music which became known as pilantragem (mischief). I guess it was risque for the times, something that always propels ones career. However, that all came to an end during the early 70’s when he was accused of being an informant for the police during Brazil’s military dictatorship. Although the accusation was never substantiated, Simonal was blacklisted by the media industry, fellow artists, and was never able to recover from this.

2. The Boogaloo Combo: Muito Quente

I couldn’t find much info on these guys. I have another one of their albums and I’ve seen (not heard) another. This lp is the best in my opinion. Despite singing in Portuguese, The Boogaloo Combo really captures the 60’s boogaloo sound more associated with the Fania and Cotique labels. They’re pretty spot on.  In fact, there is a Lebron Bros. cover song and they do a version of Good Lovin’ by The Young Rascals. Muito Quente!!!!!!!!! (so groovy) 

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