KRMX, the foundations of

Please pardon the mess. But about 2 years ago I acquired about 15,000+ Latin 45’s. The person who sold me the lot had told me that they came from the radio station KRMX in Pueblo Colorado.

According to this dealer, the station had changed to a digital format and had gotten rid of all its vinyl in the early 90’s. The collection is comprised of Latin American/Spanish language music from the 60’s to the early 90’s. Although the majority of it tends to be regional Mexican, it pretty much has every genre in there. Anyway, all these boxes were in storage for over 15 years until I was fortunate enough to get my hands on it.

 What the hell does one person do with over 15,000 45’s? Oh man, just the thought of all these boxes in my basement gave me a sense of excitment and at the same time the overwhelming sensation of being totally overwhelmed!    

What was I to do with all this obscure, awesome, horrible, cheesy, unknown, and common Latin American music? Did I have some sort of moral obligation to look after it? Some sort of historical music obligation? Should I get greedy and start selling individual 45’s? 

 With that, my overwhelming sense of excitement started turning into the overwhelming sensation of guilt (yes I am Catholic). And acquiring this amazing collection was probably one of the real catalysts for creating this audio blog in the first place. I felt that I would only be coveting this music in vain if I didnt do anything with it (after all this music really doesn’t belong to me). I felt that I had to give back something and that this music should be shared.  Does that make sense? Or am I being lame again? Yeah, I’m being lame. Anyway, in the future I’ll try to delineate if the 45 came from this collection or not. See my prior Edilio Paredes post, that was one of the many treasures I found in this lot (I seriously almost crapped my pants when I heard those songs). There should be more to follow since I really only scraped by about 10% of the collection so far.

*Just a little side note. When I lived in El Salvador with my aunt we used to pick up radio and television frequencies from Colorado. Back in the day, the “mile high” state could transmit signals into Latin America due to it’s high altitude. I bet you anything KRMX was heard in parts of the Southern US, Mexico, and beyond. Word!

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