Banda Macho: Los Covers

l1000579 1. Banda Macho: Tiburon

I tend to get a lot of questions whenever I play Spanish versions of American songs in the clubs. People find it funny and I have to admit there is a certain  kitsch value to it.

However, for Banda Macho I guess it was no laughing matter. They pretty much made a living pumping out tunes that belong to their neighbors to the North. I have 4 of their LP’s and they are all cover albums. For some reason it is a subject that I am interested in, especially how Latin Americans interpret musical genres of American culture. And I am certain I will explore more of this in the future.

Banda Macho hails from Monterrey Mexico and are still around from what I have read. The song Tiburon (Shark) draws from both the popularity of the movie Jaws and Jimmy Castor’s song “Supersound” (sans the 1 minute break at the end).

1 Response to “Banda Macho: Los Covers”

  1. 1 miguel December 11, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    dec/10/2010 would you like to post the other 3 records? i really enjoyed this one

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