Mas Discoteca

mas_discoteca_05_23I had the opportunity to DJ Mas Discoteca last year and it disheartens me that I can’t partake in the big fun that will be going down on May the 23rd.

But, if any of you happen to be in the Los Angeles area at the time, I highly recommend that you show up to this party. Mas Discoteca  is the bigger and better version of the very successful weekly party Mas Exitos. Hosted by Chico Sonido, Ganas, Dj Lengua, Enorbito, and Hoseh:a conglomerate of young Latin artists, musicians, and dj’s. Also, with special guests Tropicaza (Vampi Soul Records) and Dr. Ruds (Systema Local).

This will be the party everyone will be talking about in 2009. Chico Sonido record release? Fuck I want a copy of that!

1 Response to “Mas Discoteca”

  1. 1 Bootlegumachine May 29, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Me gusta supersonido!, saludos!

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