El Ultimo Adiós

Possibly one of the best indicators of a economic recession is when I start selling records on ebay.  Wall Street should use that as an economic barometer of some sorts. Anyway, it was around November when I first drafted this post, business was slow, I was bored, and I had an urge to unload some wax. I tend to slang vinyl when I start thinking I have way too many records or when I am just not that into the music (I usually end up with sellers remorse). Nevertheless, I just so happened to record some of the 45’s that I sold, songs which I was luke-warm with at the time. And the 45’s in this post are a sample of such.

Its a real mixed bag in terms of genres. From Mexican ska, cha-cha, garage, son, salsa ect. ect. I won’t get into much detail about each band, but I’ll let you guys decide if I made a good choice or not.  Please note, that at the time, I scanned the images so small that I am now unable to read them or know some of the artist’s names. Damn I am full of regret today.

  1. Locos Del Ritmo: Donde Vas







2. Hermanos Carrion: Con Golondrinas

hermanos carrion 





3. Los Johnny Jets: Dracula A Go Go

los jonny jets






4. Desconocido (Los Yonicos?): Guapachosa

los yon






5. Toño Quirazco: La Familia







6. Johnny Zamot Y Su Orquesta: Oye Nicola







7. Memo Salamanca: Oye Rumbito







8. Desconocido (Can’t read the name): Viva Tirado




2 Responses to “El Ultimo Adiós”

  1. 1 lengua May 21, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    you idiot,
    that Familia song is history man!

    I still like you though.

    Just call me before you sell shit!

  2. 2 tirado May 22, 2009 at 2:47 pm


    So, I’ve been following your site, and loving it! The downloads are fantastic, and I’ve been playing some of the cuts you put up whenever I get the chance to DJ out here in Boston. (Por que, seriously, falta este tipo de cosa out here. This city isn’t exactly a chicano hothouse, but we’re out here.)

    At any rate, that “Viva Tirado” track is by a band called El Chicano. Apparently they’re still active and they wound up getting “The Masters Collection” treatment in the 90s.

    Here’s some crazy footage of them playing live, with full-on Chicano soul power: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndjqEA37CSY

    And a posting on a Greek blog with a cursory description about the band:

    Where’s your e-bay site? I’d love to check it out!

    Thanks again! And keep up the amazing site!


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