El Bump


1. Grupo Santa Cecilia: Baila Bump

2. Grupo Santa Cecilia: Yeh Yeah Bump

Summer is usually vacation time for most and during these months my house literally turns into a 3 star hotel for visiting family and friends. I’d give myself an extra star if it wasn’t for the fact that I was so busy and for the fact that I failed to provide everyone (including you guys) with the quality “Franko” service you oh so deserve.

But don’t fret, I aways tend to bounce back stronger and I still have the power to suprise. With that, I give you the super rare triple record BUMP. I forget where I found this one, but it’s been hiding in storage for at least 5+ years.  Looks like this was a concept album for the Mexican Orefon label. There are two bands Grupo Santa Cecilia  and Perez Prado. The third LP is a dj mix of US soul acts from Sonido Negro. The “BUMP” is pretty much like the American version of the Shuffle. Basically the songs/lyrics are teaching you how to dance to the song.  

3. Grupo Santa Cecilia: Mi Nena Baile El Bump

Not much is known about Mexico City’s Grupo Santa Cecilia. Artist, dj, and friend Juan Luna-Avin, who is from el DF, had mentioned that he remembered this band performing weekly on a Mexican variety show.  Which makes sense because that was the same fate Perez Prado had in 1970’s Mexico City. The band has members who later formed Grupo El Tren and Grupo El Final. Either way peep the dope breaks in the first two tracts. Sorry about the first song skipping, I don’t have a clean version. Also, I put the third song up as a bonus, its almost like a protopunk style song. Great stuff.


4. Perez Prado: Mambo Bump

5. Perez Prado: Vuelveme A Querer

Leave it to Perez Prado to jump on the Bump band wagon. More go-go than disco, but one of my favorites from the early 70’s King of the Mambo.  The rest of the record is a compilation of his music from that era. Some original and some songs taken from the Mexico 70 lp (which I will put up shortly).

2 Responses to “El Bump”

  1. 1 Israel G.A. October 26, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Tengo ése álbum aunque se me perdió el estuche pero conservo los 3 LP’s, lo tienes en rapidshare? El disco Sonido Negro son covers de artistas desconocidos (costumbre de orfeón). El grupo Santa Cecilia tiene covers interesantes y el mismo LP salió en una serie de reediciiones llamada IMPAKTO Discoteque Bump de la misma disquera, en esa serie salieron otras compilaciones. El tempa Yeah Yeh salió en un single con un cover de Lady Marmalede acompañados por las Hnas. Navarro.

  1. 1 Soul-Sided « Super Sonido Trackback on October 8, 2009 at 3:35 pm

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