The Speakers – Colombian Psyche 1968‏


Thanks to Super Sonido for inviting me to introduce a band and an album that means a great deal. The 5th LP by Colombian band “The Speakers” finds them standing at a crossroads: it is here where they leave behind their beat and mod roots and fully embrace brain-frying psychodelia. Legend has it that they cut a deal with the recording studio “Ingeson” (short for Ingenieria de sonido or Sound Engineering) where they would be allowed to use the place after hours for free in exchange for a prominent appearance of the studio name in the album. The Ingeson people must have been thrilled when hearing that the band would actually call the record “En el Maravilloso Mundo de Ingeson” (or “In the Wonderful World of Ingeson”). From the name to the contents, the album is a pure studio creation full of excess, creativity, experimentation and also to be fair, some misguided self-indulgence. Fueled by the open gates of studio time the band launched into exploring any available sound and technology creating a kaleidoscopic collage of noises and loops with a sound close in nature to “Satanic Majesty’s” era Stones or “Odessey and Oracle” era Zombies. The free reins allowed for a few bad moments but the overall results still stand out as something unique and even unthinkable in the very conservative world of Colombian record producing of the time. It is almost unthinkable that such a record would be released and maybe that’s the reason why rumor has it that it only sold a few hundred copies. The original artwork included a placebo acid drop, which pretty much sums it all up…

1. The Speakers: Si La Guerra Es Un Buen Negocio Invierte a Tus Hijos

2. The Speakers: Un Sueño Magico


To introduce the record here are two great tracks “SI la Guerra Es Buen Negocio Invierte a Tus Hijos” and “Un Sueño Magico”

I invite you to stop by my Blog La Colmena de Humofor more great music. I hope to be introducing very soon something by other colombian heroes La Banda Nueva…


1 Response to “The Speakers – Colombian Psyche 1968‏”

  1. 1 lengua September 18, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Si la guerra es un buen negocio invierte ha sus hijos!!!!!!!
    Amazing track gracias Alejandro

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