Godfather of Latin Rap: Mellow Man Ace

I don’t actually have a category for this genre of Latin music, so please forgive me if I stick it in the Electro Latino section. It’s the 808’s I suppose. Anyway, just thought I’d switch things up a bit with a few songs from the Godfather of Latin Rap, from the Cuban born Ulpiano Sergio Reyez, aka Mellow Man Ace. If you are as old as I am you’d know that there were very few Latin rappers in the late 80’s. Cypress Hill (which he was part of + related to Sen Dog) and Kid Frost are the only other artists I can think of.  It was also in this era, before copyright infringement problems, that it would be common to hear samples from other 60’s/70’s Latin/Chicano groups like Santana, El Chicano, and War. These 45’s are from his debut Escape From Havana lp, which was produced by The Dust Brothers and Def Jef. Most the songs fit in the “lovers rap” genre of hip-hop. “Mentirosa” (liar) was Mellow Man’s huge bilingual hit. Sampled from Santana’s “Evil Ways” of course.  Personally I’m loving the slow jams tune “Encuentren Amor” (to find love) using a sample from Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness“. 

1. Mellow Man Ace: Mentirosa

2. Mellow Man Ace: Enquentren Amor       

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