Day 1: Yeh-Yeh!

Now all you die-hard collectors out there are either probably sticking your thumbs down or sticking your middle finger at me right this second. Yeah, these aren’t the rarest one’s out there. Almost like Latin Boogaloo/Soul Jazz 101. In fact, I’m really not going to explain who Mongo Santamaria or Xavier Cugat are. But before you decide which appendage you’re gonna use, I think we can all agree that all these songs really capture the amalgam of genres that were slowly crossing over in early 60’s New York. From soul jazz, pop/rock, go-go, to almost a pre-cursor sound of the boogaloo.  But most importantly, the songs sound great. On a side note, I was really surprised with Xavier’s “version of a version”, usually the guy is a bit more tame than that. Enjoy!!!       

1. Mongo Santamaria Orch: Yeh-Yeh!

2. Mongo Santa Maria Orch: Watermelon Man

3. Xavier Cugat: Watermelon Man

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