Day 10: Emilio Dominguez y La Sonera Veracruzana

Not really sure who Emilio Dominguez was or where he was from, but his sound resembles the Cuban La Sonora Matancera of the time. A very similar wall of sound coming from that brass section. The thing that confuses me is that the port town of Veracruz has always had a community of Cuban émigrés, especially Afro-Cuban. Also, there was a huge Cuban exodus to Mexico after 1959, a musical and cultural exodus as well. Despite all that I’m pretty sure Mr. Dominguez is from Mexico, maybe because of all the Mexican idioms, especially in the second song. Anyway, check out my prior post about Celia Cruz, which was on a similar Mexican pressing like this 45. Sonera vs. Sonora.  Enjoy!

1. Emilio Dominguez y La Sonera Veracruzana: Llegaron Los Tambores

2. Emilio Dominguez y La Sonera Veracruzana: Adios Mi Chaparrita

1 Response to “Day 10: Emilio Dominguez y La Sonera Veracruzana”

  1. 1 Adam February 15, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    The horns on this really remind me of Julian y su Combo stuff from Colombia.

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