Day 15: Mambo The Hard Way

Man I got like 10 minutes to finish this post before midnight. Either I’m the Cinderella of audio-bloggers or a complete failure. Anyway as promised, a 45 a day until the 28th. So without wasting anymore time I give you this little jazzy guaguanco of a gem. Electric guitars? Ridiculous! On the New York Fiesta label, more or less an American world-music record label from the 50’s and 60’s. Think Putumayo of that era I suppose. Enjoy!

1. Randy Carlos And His Orchestra: Satellite U.S.A.

1 Response to “Day 15: Mambo The Hard Way”

  1. 1 Sport Casual February 16, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Man Fiesta has some good records – the first two Randy Carlos LPs for example. Also a bunch of other 45s that a lot of people pass on because they look to early to be bangin. But they are! I think they geared their releases heavily toward the immigrant communities of NYC – there’s a ton of sappy Greek, Polish, Italian “songs of the motherland” type stuff…. and a lot of great Latin!

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