Day 18: Tex-Mex Funk With Steve Jordan

So I was just now going through a bunch a 45’s, trying desperately to serve up something for you people tonight. Lo and behold, I ran across this single that was appropriately placed in my “I am confused” pile of Latin 45’s I own. 

Found this joint a while back in the KRMX collection. At first glance, I probably wrote it off because of the name Steve Jordan and The Jordan Brothers. And when I listened, it sounded more like a Southern Baptist revival group being a bit more funky than they should be. Anyway, since I rediscovered it again, I thought I’d give these dudes a second chance by actually doing a bit more research than I had before. Glad I did. It turns out that Steve Jordan (who is also Esteban Jordan y Los Hermanos Jordon) is a Tex-Mex accordion legend who boasts a 5 decade career in the San Antonio Texas area. Not only that but his full length album La Bamba, which this single comes from, is sort of a Northern Soul collectors item. The songs on that LP have traditional rancheras, Bobby Bland covers, to the funkier squeeze box man that I threw up for you people. I even found a Japanese re-issue of it. Weird.

Anyway, some great Tejano style funk/soul ala Flaco Jimenez or Little Joe and Latinaires. Nice sounding Texas rebel-rock with a Mexican influence. It’s gritty and I like it. Threw up an image from some other album of his. Esteban plays a mean Hoener and has a patch on his motherfuckin’ eye yo….awesome!!! Enjoy!

1. Steve Jordan and The Jordan Brothers: Squeeze Box Man

3 Responses to “Day 18: Tex-Mex Funk With Steve Jordan”

  1. 1 Eric Duran February 19, 2010 at 8:10 am

    A toda madre esta rola…this song is awesome. While growing up in the Rio Grande Valley Texas I’ d hear the accordian based Norteños etc but never really got into it like I do now (i.e. Tigres Del Norte) I´m glad you can find these gems. As a half Mexican living near Seattle I can attest to the Latin pulse of things and desire among non Hispanics for this kind of music and it IS strong! Keep up the good work. Gracias!

  2. 2 Bruce February 21, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    That’s a hot track! We’ll try to get it on our radio-show up in Canada.

  3. 3 harry March 27, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    absolutely fantastic stuff man. share the LUV. orsum.

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