Day 19: Carmen Rivero y Su Conjunto

Big shout out to Sport Casual from for handing me an awesome version of the “Pata-Pata”.  I believe it’s originally an African 60’s pop song, that for some reason or another, got popularized in Latin America. Although sugar-coated, it fits nicely with the whole go-go and boogaloo genre of that era. And if we are talking genres, there probably isn’t anybody who has gone through more of them than Mexican Carmen Rivero. Some even credit her as the innovator of the Mexican cumbia. But that didn’t stop Rivero from diving into every other category of Latin music that ever was. I have a ton of 45’s from Carmen Rivero and pulled one that seemed the most musically opposed. A cha-cha akin to Tito Puente’s sound. Enjoy!

1. Carmen Rivero y Su Conjunto: Pata Pata

2. Carmen Rivero y Su Conjunto: Brincando Cha-Cha

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