Day 25: Boogaloo Who #2

Selected a few boogaloo 45’s from Peru. These unknowns really put up some huge sounds. Peruvians, for some reason or another,  have a knack for placing their own stamp on the boogaloo genre. Awesome Ray Barretto cover, plus a real nice dance floor mover with Guajira Go Go. The last one is a stretch. Although pressed in Peru, I’m not really sure if these dudes are from there or not. Even despite their name (caribe? there is no caribe in Peru), the sound just doesn’t seem like it’s from there. I’m still sick. May god have some mercy on my soul. Enjoy!

1. Mario Allison Y Sus Estrellas: Son Con Cuero

2. Charlie Palomares y Su Conj: Guarjira Go Go

3. Los Mulatos Del Caribe: Que Quieren Gozar

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