La Mezcladora Mexicana

It can get dizzying when one tries to distinguish the plethora of traditional Mexican genres out there. And with every region in Mexico, comes every type of ensemble and every type of musical form. From orquestas/grupos like the mariachi, the banda, and the conjunto, to the musical genres of the ranchera, corrido, bolero, huasteco, vals, danzón mexicana, cumbias, trio music, polkas, ect. ect. ect. The list keeps going.

It’s in my opinion that most regional/traditional Mexican music sounds way better live. Take the Mexican mariachi for example. Fucking BORING on vinyl. But when you’re drunk, with a girl, in the center of some small Mexican town, there is nothing like paying a mariachi group to play Cucurucu Paloma for you (one of my favorite mariachi numbers).

Anyway, I selected some smaller regional Mexican acts with rather interesting sounds for this post. It’s safe to say that the bands presented here probably started out as a kind of a “party” or festival group in their smaller towns and villages. Somehow they were convinced that the should put out a record, usually at the expense of the band, and at a financial gain of music recording studios and/or music labels. There probably wasn’t much of an audience for this kind of music, so the rest is history. Digging the psychedelic polka. Enjoy

1. Lalo Garcia y Su Conjunto: La Cobija De Narcisa

2. Banda Mochis de Porfirio Amarjillas: La Estereofonica

3. Los Gavilanes de Mario Saenz y Wally Gonzales: Frijolitos Pintos

4. Banda Sinaloense de Chico Herrera: Las Menuderas

1 Response to “La Mezcladora Mexicana”

  1. 1 Vilmo March 24, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    gracias hermano, muy rico como acostumbre 🙂

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