Analog Anibal

Dj Lengua and I had the great pleasure of helping out Dj and record collector extraordinaire Samy Ben Redjeb on his new compilation release entitled: Anibal Velasquez: Mambo Loco. Even though most of our selected tracks hit the cutting room floor, we were still happy to help him out with his record in anyway we could.  Samy, aka Analog Africa, has been a huge supporter of our label Discos Unicornio  from day one and he’s a super friendly cool-ass German dude to boot. I got to hand it to him, Mr. Redjeb has probably got the best ear for music in this whole reissue/compilation business. He will always leave you asking, where the hell does he find this amazing stuff? 

Presented in this post are some of the samples that didn’t make it on his record. Nevertheless, the record Anibal Velasquez: Mambo Locos (on LP and CD) is spot on and Samy once again nailed it with probably every important and stand-out song that Anibal Velasquez has ever done. A highly recommended record, which I will give you more details of in my next post. The music below is divided by artist/song/album. Enjoy!!!

Anibal Velasquez /El Cucarachero/Tropical 

1. Panga Pajapa (Afro-Criollo) 

Anibal Velasquez/Self Titled Lp/Var-bo (pressing is off on this – not a great recording) 

2. Burun Bumba (watusy) 

3. El Guamo (cumbia) 

Anibal Y Jose Velasquez/Cumbia Brava/Sonolux  

4. Cumbia Brava 

5. El Sucusu-Sucusu (sucusu) 

Anibal Velasquez/En Tremenda Salsa/Fuentes 

6. Que Paso (descarga) 

Anibal Velasquez/Bailela…Y Gocela!/Lyra 

7. Charanga Cucutena 

Anibal Velasquez/Boogaloo Descarga Mosaicos/Tropical 

8. Descarga Loca



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