Moog Pop with Katunga

There wasn’t much to be optimistic about in 1975 Argentina. From the death of Juan Perón in 1974, it seemed like this polarized South American nation was beginning to unravel. With waves of political violence, near-hyperinflation, strikes, to assassinations: Argentina was boiling over. I thought Nicaraguan politics were screwy, but I have to say that Argentina takes the cake. Trotskyites  vs. fascist extremists?

Maybe Katunga’s popular Mira Para Arriba Mira Para Abajo struck a chord with the uncertainty of the everyday Argentine. A positive reaffirmation, escapism perhaps. But I’m pretty sure this song would have been harder to write a year later. With the March 1976 coup d’état and the start of the “dirty war”, their song seems a bit less effective.

Nevertheless, a few great bubble-gum flavored numbers from the band Katunga, who by the way, remind me a lot of the popular Spanish group Formula V. Sorry I couldn’t get much from the bands webpage/bio, but it appears that Katunga still performs to this day. Enjoy!

 1. Katunga: Mira Para Arriba Mira Para Abajo

2. Katunga: Palo Bonito

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