Nelson Ned: El Enano Con Voz Gigante

Brazilian singer and composer Nelson Ned sort of carved out a niche in the 60’s and 70’s by singing sentimental ballads in both Spanish and Portuguese. Almost like the Brazilian Roberto Carlos did. However, his songs of suffering and sentimentality were probably taken even more seriously since he was so small in stature, him being a midget of course. During that era he gained international popularity, most notably in Mexico and Europe. I even recall him singing on Mexican television in the 70’s and 80’s.   

Later, Nelson Ned converted to Christianity in the 90’s (a lot of singers that crawled out of the 70’s seemed to have done that for some reason or another) and currently sings only Evangelical songs. I selected the song “No Digas No” (don’t say no), which is currently my favorite. The compilation album it comes from has no cover, so I just selected a photo from another album. Enjoy!

1. Nelson Ned: No Digas No

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