Venezuela en Ritmo con Los Billo’s Caracas Boys

I was going through a bunch of music today and I found this record mixed in an album that I would more likely want to get rid of. So I thought it would be cool to toss it up. Also, I’ve never seen this Billo label before. Fate.

Orchestra conductor/band leader Billo Frómeta actually isn’t from Venezuela, however he happened to live, work and be remembered most of his life there. Being originally from the Dominican Republic and living a short stint in Cuba probably formed the sound you’re hearing by the Billo’s Caracas Boys. More Cuban son or rumba than anything else. I have more Billo stuff from the 70’s and 80’s (his career lasted 50 years), but it tends to stink really bad. The b-side label is ripped off, so I don’t actually know the name of this song, El Castigador? (the punisher) maybe. Anyway, the best song on the album. Sorry for not posting anything lately, tons of work and little romance has been eating my time up. But more amazing music to follow shortly. Enjoy!

1. Billo’s Caracas Boys: Unknown

1 Response to “Venezuela en Ritmo con Los Billo’s Caracas Boys”

  1. 1 conrad October 21, 2010 at 1:28 am

    castigala!!! great find man, thanks for sharing.

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