Anibal Velasquez Revisited

Be sure to check out my earlier post about Anibal Velasquez along with the PR kit from Analog-Africa’s release. So I’m really not going to get into much detail this time around. I just picked up this album recently and I couldn’t resist putting it up. I’ve had the song Mira Como Es on a CD for quite some time now, but I’ve been looking for the vinyl forever. The only problem is that my CD version is a slowed down Rebajada Mexican flea market mix. Although awesome, the quality isn’t the best. I posted the songs I liked the most and I intentionally slowed down the track Sabor A Costa for all my Mexico City sonidero fans. Gozalo Gueyes!!!

1. Anibal Velasquez: Mira Como Es

2. Anibal Velasquez: Sabor A Costa

3. Anibal Velasquez: La Carcajada

4. Anibal Velasquez: Sabor A Costa (Estilo Rebajada)  

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