Two From Dj Lengua

I wanted to start the New Year off right by throwing up some free downloads from Dj Lengua’s new 7 song EP release Cruzando. Usually I try not put up anything from my label (Unicornio), I like to keep it separate from my audioblog. But Eamon (Lengua), suggested that I  should offer a few tracts for free while I was out of the country  – so here we are. This is probably our best album/release to date. Juan Data from the Hard Data did a good article on Dj Lengua, you should check it out if you want more info on the record. Also, you can purchase the vinyl directly from our distributor or turntable lab if you wish. You can also email me at if you have questions about the record. Happy New Year everybody! Enjoy!

1. Dj Lengua: La Jungla

2. Dj Lengua: Frontera

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