Day 1: Fruko y sus Tesos

If there is a single act or person that is most associated with the Disco Fuentes label it would likely be Colombian Julio Ernesto Estrada – aka Fruko. Not only did he perform in the legendary Corraleros De Majagual to the Colombia All Stars, but he would also over-see production of Disco Fuentes’ groups/projects like Afrosound and The Latin Brothers. Known as the “God Father of Colombian Salsa” – it was Fruko, who crossed over from cumbia, who single-handedly introduced the salsa genre to the Colombian masses in the 70’s.

Not only is El Preso (the prisoner) a testament to this genre crossover, but it is an example of a harder form of salsa that would set itself apart from it’s New York and Puerto Rican counterparts. Songs like El Preso are a great example of this difference. From darker lyrics, heavier bass, and to a fondness of minor keys. Even the brass section sounds muted if you compare it to bright/loud wall of trombones that popular Willie Colón was doing at the time. The song itself is a lament to a prisoner who is serving time in jail. Fruko Lp’s are quite common and I recommend any music from him during the 70’s. The 45’s are actually harder to come by and tend to sell for more – the song is a salsa club favorite to this day. Enjoy!

1. Fruko y Sus Tesos: El Preso

1 Response to “Day 1: Fruko y sus Tesos”

  1. 1 Andresito April 5, 2011 at 3:43 am

    Possibly my favourite Colombian salsa and probably one of my favourite salsas ever, this rocks for all the reasons you said… OYE!

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