Day 6: More Spanish Freakbeat

I kind of deviate from the whole subtext of my audioblog when I start putting up music from Spain. Even though some music from Latin America is intertwined with certain Spanish cultural traditions, it would be difficult for me to make that case about a musical act from Barcelona trying to copy a bunch of guys from Liverpool. With all that removed, I still think it sounds really cool. I’ve always had an interest in English cover songs done in the Spanish language (be it from Spain or Latin America). Perhaps its the correlation of both languages, the understanding of the idioms, or if the song gets completely lost in translation or not.

Nevertheless, I picked up these two 45’s when I was in Barcelona a few months back. If Los Salvajes were the Rolling Stones of Spain, then Los Mustang were the Beatles of the Iberian Peninsula. Hailing from the Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona, Los Mustang really cut out a niche for themselves copying Beatles songs. In fact, Submarino Amarillo (Yellow Submarine) was a huge hit for them in Spain. It appears that they tried to mount a comeback in the early 90’s, but judging them from how old they looked and how high they pulled their pants up, I think that endeavor wasn’t met with much success. Anyway, Dj Lengua article tomorrow. Packers to win the Super Bowl. Please enjoy!

1. Los Mustang: Sargento Peppers

2. Los Mustang: No Vendras


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