Day 13: Cumbia con Organo

If cumbia began as a form of low-brow Latin American music, then it would be considered even a step lower when accompanied by the organ. If it weren’t for the infectious down tempo – it would be more like listening to music in an ice skating rink.

It nevertheless acts as a good substitute for the accordion. Only an organ could pull off the melancholy sound that is given with these 45’s. On a side note,  this sound is very popular in Mexico – especially with the sonideros in Mexico City. More like a hotel lounge acts than anything else – which was probably the case since it would be difficult lugging a huge organ around. Tulio Enrique Leon appears to be Mexican (or his label suggests) – but a great cover song of Colombian Lucho Campillo’s Cumbia Del Monje.

Next few days = guest posts. Stick around, relax, enjoy!

1. Camacho Y Cano Y Su Conjunto: Cumbia de la Melochita

2. Tulio Enrique Leon: Cumbia del Monje

3. Los Picapiedra: La Hossa

1 Response to “Day 13: Cumbia con Organo”

  1. 1 toni arellano March 10, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Tulio Enrique León was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. You have an extraordinary website. Thanks for all!

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