Day 14: Cumbia in the U.K.

Rick from Manchester England sent these two to me. Some awesome Colombian music by way of England. He didn’t actually write anything about them, just sent me the Mp3’s and images. But totally appreciated nonetheless. I’ve never heard these two. Hmmm….what else was I going to say?….oh yeah…Enjoy!

1. Nacho Peredes: El Diablo De La Musarana

2. Carlos Roman: Swing Columbiano

1 Response to “Day 14: Cumbia in the U.K.”

  1. 1 Aram Delgado May 26, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Very strange, I just bought a stack of cumbia & salsa from a guy in manchester, 99p each! I never expected to find that stuff in Manchester? Whats going on up there? It’s certainly too damn cold for Latinos!

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