Day 17: Boogaloo Panameño w/ Los Alegres de la Costa

It’s no secret that I have a “mild” obsession with music from Panama.  What started as a love for Salsa Dura Panameña and Funk from the Isthmus has slowly branched out into a heated search for everything from Tamborito street recordings to Musica Tipica from the highlands and sugarcane-growing regions of the country.  It was through these searches that I came across this great 45 on eBay: Los Alegres de la Costa “Boogaloo Darien” on Loyola Records, Panama.

The song melds together so many beautiful styles of music at once it’s hard to know where to begin with a description.  It starts off with a great guitar line that sounds equal parts NYC boogaloo and American Rock n’ Roll, but before long the Cumbia rhythm comes in and the great vocalist starts to give a shout out to the Muchachas Lindas from various regional Panamanian cities.  The song then switches up nicely to a “Guaracha Tipica” while the vocalist, not content with the ladies from his own country, then gives daps to all the fine females from countries across South America.  The vocals and accordion are the real stars of the show here!0

The record itself looks like it has been rescued from it’s geographical namesake: the impenetrable, sogging wet jungles of the Darien Gap , the only major break in the Panamerican Highway, so thank god the info on the label is still readable.  Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy this great Boogaloo Guaracha de Panama.

-Adam Dunbar aka DJ Slim Jenkins

Thanks again Mr. Dunbar!!! If you don’t know Adam already, he runs the Musica Del Alma audioblog spot. Go check out his site. Also, if you’re in the Oakland California area come check us out djing @ the Layover in Oakland on Feb 24th (Adam is a pretty dope dj aswell) – for more info, just add me on facebook @ – Enjoy

-Sonido Franko  

1. Los Alegres de la Costa: Boogaloo Darien (Loyola, 197?)

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