Day 14: Sin Amor

I was gonna do a post about love songs, but I found that the music for the broken-hearted was way better. I figure for every love song I pull from the KRMX lot, there must be about 10 songs about sorrow, torment and agony. With titles like A Quien Vas A Engañar (who are you going to fool?), No Quiero (I don’t want/love), Lagrimas (tears) – it would appear that I am hell-bent on ruining your Valentines Day. I ran across these tracks last night and had no urge trying to research any of the musicians (and no real intention of ruining your day). I have written in the past about both Rodolfo and Leo Dan, so be sure to check it out. Otherwise, there really is no common thread between these 45’s but the mere fact that love and heartbreak is universal. Happy Valentines Day everyone! ♥

1. Rodolfo: A Quien Vas A Engañar

2. Rodolfo: Engaño

3. Teresita: No Quiero

4. Martha y Los Ventura: Te Odio Y Te Quiero

5. Magda Franco: Lagrimas

6: Arturo Alejandro: Sonreir

7. Leo Dan: Yo Se Que No Es Feliz

8. Javier Hildago: No Te Debo Demorar

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