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Dublab Session Part II


Awesome end of summer jams from the folks at Mas Exitos. Great mix of Latin beats and breaks from some of the best crates in the business.

Check it out yo:

Dublab Mas Exitos “Flash Foward” session

Tropicaza, Ganas and Chico Sonido came in to support dublab’s “Flash Forward” Proton Drive fundraiser with a live Mas Exitos broadcast. This was an incredible explosion of vibrant Latin jams and funny moments with friends. 

MAS EXITOS shakes every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park. This is a bi-weekly sound celebration tracing the connections between the music made on both continents of the Americas. Think of it as an sonic National Geographic documentary taking you from the Andes of Peru to the East Side of LA. From fuzzy cumbias, to funky jazz oddities, to psych freak outs and janky beats. To find out more please vist

Donde estaba lengua y enorbito?

Chico Sondio record review coming shortly. WORD!!!

Ojo: Part II


This Thursday July 2nd 2009 at MOCA Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA

For Flesh Car Crash, members of OJO will split into two groups, each of which will pack into a small car. Once there, they will make music both by utilizing objects and materials in the cars’ interiors and by playing instruments powered by the cars’ batteries. The cars will dance, glide, and narrowly miss each other in a choreographed game of chicken. The finale should be explosive!

The performance begins at 7:30pm. Bring your cameras and contribute your photographs and videos documenting the event to Thats for interactive OJO. 

I may just have to buy a plane ticket.



Ojo was founded in 2005 by visual artists Joshua Aster, Justin Cole, Eamon Ore-Giron, Chris Avitabile, Moises Medina, and Brenna Youngblood, OJO is formed around a mutual interest in experimenting with acoustic guitars, electronics, musical spontaneity, freeform improvisation, and the boundaries between audience and performer. The group uses a wide range of instruments—drum machines, basses, guitars, synthesizers, salt, cars—as well as their own bodies and those of their audience, clapping, chanting, stomping, and singing to generate sprawling improvisations.

OJO has created projects for Queen’s Nails Annex in San Francisco, Esthetics as a Second Language (available as a CD produced by James Welling), LAXART (available as an LP from, BANK, Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Discos Unicornio, and A+D Museum in Los Angeles. The group has also performed at the Hammer Museum, TRUDI, and Track 16, Los Angeles, and on KXLU 88.9FM.

The first performance will be taking place @ the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) this coming Thursday, June 4th. If you’re in Los Angeles at the time check them out. For more info go here:

Mas Discoteca

mas_discoteca_05_23I had the opportunity to DJ Mas Discoteca last year and it disheartens me that I can’t partake in the big fun that will be going down on May the 23rd.

But, if any of you happen to be in the Los Angeles area at the time, I highly recommend that you show up to this party. Mas Discoteca  is the bigger and better version of the very successful weekly party Mas Exitos. Hosted by Chico Sonido, Ganas, Dj Lengua, Enorbito, and Hoseh:a conglomerate of young Latin artists, musicians, and dj’s. Also, with special guests Tropicaza (Vampi Soul Records) and Dr. Ruds (Systema Local).

This will be the party everyone will be talking about in 2009. Chico Sonido record release? Fuck I want a copy of that!

Chico Sonido

mas-discotheque-myspace Just wanted to drop another great audio set I heard recently from Chico Sondio. I’ve had the honor to dj with Chico a few times at Mas Exitos/Mas Discoteca and the guy absolutely floors me with the stuff he’s got. I’m constantly asking him “what the fuck was that song?” Some of the sickest and jankiest Latin beats on the planet.

Be sure to listen to his “paisadelic” set at the fully fitted blog. Peep the last song also, which is coming out on his debut album. From the sound of it, it’ll probably be one of my favorite records this year.

Fucking great stuff Chico!

From Russia With Love

untitled1I truly think it’s great that old school Latin beats and breaks are gaining  popularity. It’s awesome to hear dj’s  playing more Spanish language music and it’s about time America starts appreciating it. I’ve been selling records on Ebay for about 8+ years and in the beginning the majority of the Latin music I sold would have gone straight to Western Europe. Lately though my buyers are popping up all over the world. And who would have ever thought that you could hear cumbia in Russia?

Anyway, the other day I got an email from Dj Pablo (Pavel). Thank you for the accolades. Looks like people in Moscow have their first sonidero. Check out the links to the two mixes he sent me. Amazing music. Fucking brilliant!

Dublab Session

l1000322Check out my dj set at dublab in December with my brother/cousin/friend Dj Lengua. 3 Hours of the dopest Latin beats on the West Coast. Also, thank you to everyone who’s been asking questions and saying nice things about the site. You people are awesome!

Here is the track list. Enjoy!

Rodolfo “Incertidumbre”
Los Angeles Negros “Y Volvere”
Los Johnny Jets “Ven Ya”
Los Blue Angeles  “Donde Esta Mendocino?”
Charlie Palomeras y su conjunto “Guajira Go Go”
Los Corraleros de Majagual  “Baila mi Boogaloo”
Grupo Siglo XX Del Peru  “Mayoruna”
Manzanita  “Al Vaiven De Las Olas”
Los Destellos “Boogaloo de los Destellos”
La Sangre Caliente “El Baile Del Sillon”
Los Golden Stones “Muerte”
Perez Prado “Mexico 70”
Anibal Velazquez “Sucusu”
Anibal Velazquez “Charanga Cucutena”
Banda Los Hijos de la Nina Luz “La Cumbia de Joaco”
Edilio Paredes “La Gozadera”
Cumbia Siglo XX “Los Esqueletos”
Pedro Miguel y Sus Maracaibos “Gaita y Sorongo”
Conjunto Miramar “Voy Miramar”
Celia Cruz “Pa’La Paloma”
Los Corraleros de Majagual “Pachanga en la 13”
Los Cuban Boys “Mirage”
Conjunto Miramar “Mosaico Miramar”
Afrosound “Carruseles”
Afrosound “La Magdalena”
Hermanos Carrion “Rosa Mi Rosita”
Los Destellos ” Tu Donde Estas”
Luis Gomez y su Conjunto “Descarga en Acordion”
Conjunto Tropical Caribe “No Prendas la Vela”
Anibal Velazquez “Piano y Timba”
Alfredo Gutierrez “Cumbia”
La Marimba Orquesta Gallito “A La Cumbia”
Desconocido (Unknown) “Cumbia Mexicana”
Los Ovnis “Mari Mari”
Manny Perez “Chica Bancaria”
Grupo Bota “Yo No He Dicho”

Dj Lengua

Abelardo Carbono y su Conjunto “Quiero a mi Gente”
Grupo Folklorico “Tucutru”
Autenticos Del Son “Yo Pongo La, Plata”
Rufo Garrido y Su Orqesta “El Mundo Se Acaba”
Alfredo Gutierrez “Rio Crecido”

KRMX, the foundations of

Please pardon the mess. But about 2 years ago I acquired about 15,000+ Latin 45’s. The person who sold me the lot had told me that they came from the radio station KRMX in Pueblo Colorado.

According to this dealer, the station had changed to a digital format and had gotten rid of all its vinyl in the early 90’s. The collection is comprised of Latin American/Spanish language music from the 60’s to the early 90’s. Although the majority of it tends to be regional Mexican, it pretty much has every genre in there. Anyway, all these boxes were in storage for over 15 years until I was fortunate enough to get my hands on it.

 What the hell does one person do with over 15,000 45’s? Oh man, just the thought of all these boxes in my basement gave me a sense of excitment and at the same time the overwhelming sensation of being totally overwhelmed!    

What was I to do with all this obscure, awesome, horrible, cheesy, unknown, and common Latin American music? Did I have some sort of moral obligation to look after it? Some sort of historical music obligation? Should I get greedy and start selling individual 45’s? 

 With that, my overwhelming sense of excitement started turning into the overwhelming sensation of guilt (yes I am Catholic). And acquiring this amazing collection was probably one of the real catalysts for creating this audio blog in the first place. I felt that I would only be coveting this music in vain if I didnt do anything with it (after all this music really doesn’t belong to me). I felt that I had to give back something and that this music should be shared.  Does that make sense? Or am I being lame again? Yeah, I’m being lame. Anyway, in the future I’ll try to delineate if the 45 came from this collection or not. See my prior Edilio Paredes post, that was one of the many treasures I found in this lot (I seriously almost crapped my pants when I heard those songs). There should be more to follow since I really only scraped by about 10% of the collection so far.

*Just a little side note. When I lived in El Salvador with my aunt we used to pick up radio and television frequencies from Colorado. Back in the day, the “mile high” state could transmit signals into Latin America due to it’s high altitude. I bet you anything KRMX was heard in parts of the Southern US, Mexico, and beyond. Word!

Mas Exitos Y Mas Discoteca (event)

Mas Exitos is a bi-weekly event that traces the connections between the music made on both continents of the Americas. Think of it as a National Geographic documentary on sound that will take you from the Andes of Peru to the East Side of LA. From fuzzy cumbias, to funky jazz oddities, to psych freak outs and janky beats…I had the honor to play this gig a few months ago, oh man is it fun.  

But I’ll have that honor again this Friday August 22nd in downtown LA.

With DJ’s Ganas, Enorbito, Chico Sonido, Hoseh, and Lengua??? Holy shit! Come check us out!!! For more info go to 10PM to ???, $5. Hope to see you there.

Radio Bar Oakland (event)

I’m back djing at radio bar in downtown Oakland every wednesday night again. Please come through if I haven’t seen you in a while. Ill be playing all sorts of great music, having weekly guests, giving away free music, ransoming hostages, eating corndogs, and having shit piles of stupid ass fun. 

Also, Akim should be with me shortly, which should be totally awesome cause I miss that dude. Please feel free to contact me if you want to hold any type of event on Wednesday night (i.e. trunk show, art, fashion, record release, book release, birthday, benefits, burlesque, hot dog parties, ect. ect.) I’d love to help you out and make it happen in any way possible. Also, any video artists can show their stuff on the new projection screen. Oooohh and if you want to guest dj, hit me up. I play mostly music from the 60’s and 70’s, but I am open to just about anything, suprise me. Vinyl only. Oh yeah, and it’s free too! Word!

 Radio Bar 435 13th St. Downtown Oakland Every Wednesday Nights +21 Free