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Day 11: Alfredo Linares y su Salsa Star

This appears on Linares’s 1973 Sensacionales! album but I didn’t catch wind of it until I picked it up on 7″ first. I’m a huge fan of Linares’s work and so I was pleased and a bit stunned to realize that, unless I’m totally off-base, this is a cover of Bobby Matos’s “Nadie Baila Como Yo” (from his seminal My Latin Soul album of the mid/late ’60s). Matos isn’t credited (not an unusual happenstance) but certainly, there’s more than enough musical and lyrical evidence to suggest that Linares basically gives Matos’s original a salsa update. It’s still not nearly as deliriously fun as Matos’s song but I do like that Linares keeps elements of the boogaloo-influenced original, especially on rhythm piano.

– O-Dub

1. Alfredo Linares y su Salsa Star: Baila Montuno

Great music from Peruvian pianist Alfredo Linares – I have an earlier album of his and it’s always refreshing to hear South American’s straightforward/raw approach to salsa music. Also, a great big thanks to O-dub from Soul-Sides – not only has he been a regular contributor to the February 45’s sessions, but has been a huge supporter of my site since day 1 it seems. I am forever grateful for that. For all you Latin music loving fans, be sure to check out his latest post about Jimmy Sabater also – Yroco one of my favorites. Thanks Oliver!

Dublab Proton Drive

Hey fans of Super Sonido, do me a huge favor and please support LA-based non-profit web radio collective dublab.  I had the awesome opportunity to DJ @ Dublab once and those guys were HELLA cool! They really have their act together and they play some of the hottest web-radio music around, from some of the best DJ’s in LA and beyond. Check out their site, and if you are familiar with them, please donate. Thanks!

– Sonido Franko

The Open Wide Proton Drive starts on May 11th and features a never-before-heard theme song created by Lucky Dragons. Dublab is an art collective that has teamed up with musicians and visual artists like Flying Lotus, Shepard Fairey, HEALTH, Kozyndan, Ariel Pink, and many more. They need your help to keep creativity flowing and continue making awesome projects!

Dj Lengua: Rebajada Mota Mix

It’s seems odd to me that I have to introduce musician, artist, producer, and friend Eamon Ore-Giron: Aka Dj Lengua. I mean we bother each other on the phone on a daily basis, constantly yelling at each other and singing songs to one another. It’s even come to the point where my old friend and I dream of French dip sandwiches together. We speak in tongues.

At any rate, Dj Lengua was kind enough to drop a little gem of a mix for all you listeners at Super Sonido. We spoke about the Mexican dj style rebajada (to reduce, to lower) in Lengua’s post last February. Rebajada essentially is slowing down the beat of a super fast gaita, guaracha and cumbia to create a much more tangible music to dance to. Some sonideros take it even a step further by tranquilizing the cocaine induced beats of Colombia and Peru. The end result, music on heroin.

Anyway, enjoy the mix and look out for Dj Lengua’s next EP release coming out on Disco Unicornio, our shared record label. Should be out in a few months, and without surprise, it sounds f’in amazing.

Dj Lengua: Mota Mix      

Soul Sides


 Huge big up to Oliver Wang at Soul Sides for all the support. Thanks for lighting a fire underneath my ass. I need to get this site going and encourgment like that only helps. 

I just have been holding back with the real good stuff for a while. Therefore, as of now, I’ve decided to let go and honk my load on everyones ear holes.


Sonido Franko