Club Unicornio was founded in 2003 by Dj’s Julio Cesar Morales (finger lust), Luis Illades, Joseph Franko (sonido franko), Juan Luna Avin (policia kameney), & Eamon Ore-Giron (dj lengua). Club Unicornio was a collaboration between visual artists, musicians and dj’s. Named after the now defunct Tijuana strip club, Club Unicornio mixed obscure sights and sounds from the Latin American cultural crossover.

The party was created with the idea of bringing rare Latin/Spanish language music back to the San Francisco Mission District. From techno cumbia, boogaloo, mambo, latin indie, to anything else we could get our hands on. I have to say that there was probably no one else doing this kind of party with the sole emphasis on super rare Latin Music at the time. A bunch of Latino dudes making all this noise. But I am proud to say that this party has all taken us to greater places.

Since that time we are proud to say that Club Unicornio has evolved into Discos Unicornio. A small independent label with a similar emphasis on the music that we love. It just seemed like the next logical step in the evolution of all our efforts. So please feel free to visit Discos Unicornio. Please look for updates with our label (which i’ll probably keep you posted with this site) and please feel free to contact us for anything (i.e. booking info, hot dog parties, distribution, anything)


Club Unicornio

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