70’s Peruvian Funk-Rock with Zulu

Not quite sure how to classify this type of music. In fact, I couldn’t find much information about Zulu for that matter – it seems that the band came and went as quickly as their only self titled release. What I did gather was that the group was fronted by Lima native Miguel Angel Ruiz Orbegozo and that the song “Candela” appears on the Vampisoul compilation “Back to Peru Vol 1“.

I read other articles from Peruvian blogs which weren’t sure of the music’s origin. One author thought it might be Huayno rock (Native Peruvian) and other people argued that it’s possibly Landó rock (Afro-Peruvian). So people in Peru were just as baffled as I am. But apart from sounding like mellow 70’s rock/funk, if you listen to the last part of “Candela“, I can see where someone might think it’s Landó – which is an Afro-Peruvian/musica criolla drum driven form of music. I did find a photo of Miguel Angel Ruiz Orbegozo, but I ain’t even gonna try to determine his roots. Not going there. The music is great nevertheless. Enjoy!

1. Zulu: Candela

2. Zulu: Sueño De Amor

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