Mercedes Sosa: Gracias A La Vida


1. Mercedes Sosa: Gracias A La Vida

I’m kind of a sucker for Latin American folk music. It’s almost like a gateway into what activism would be like in 1970’s South America. Very passionate, hopeful, and heartfelt music. And it was the hugely popular Argentine Mercedes Sosa, with her progressive and politicized lyrics, who would eventually become best known as the voice of the “voiceless ones”.

Read my prior post on Carlos Canzani y La Nueva Canción. Like Canzani, Sosa suffered the same fate during the oppressive military junta that began in 1976 Argentina. She would eventually be arrested on stage in 1979, banned from her native country, and exiled to France and Spain.

Sosa returned to Argentina in 1982, several months before the military regime collapsed as a result of the Falklands War. This 45 comes from the 1985 live album Vengo a ofrecer mi corazón (I come to offer my heart) during the democratically elected Raúl Alfonsín’s government. Gracias A La Vida (thank you to life) is a positive reflection of some of the democratic changes that were more or less occuring in Argentina at that time.

2 Responses to “Mercedes Sosa: Gracias A La Vida”

  1. 1 natalia September 11, 2009 at 10:58 am

    ‘gracias a la vida’ is a song originally written by Violeta Parra, chilean composer. Mercedes has a very deep and beautiful voice.

    • 2 juancho September 26, 2009 at 3:31 pm

      That’r right Natalia. And… Vengo a ofrecer mi corazón, is a popular song of Fito Paez. Mercedes Sosa is a singer, but not a composer. She allways sing popular songs, and excuse me but merece sopa.

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