Ritmo Loco: O-dub & Groove Merchant Records

I had the opportunity this Friday to meet Oliver Wang from the audioblog Soul-Sides. I’ve been a huge fan of his website for years and I am happy to admit that it has been a huge influence to my site as well. Now we’ve collaborated together in the past, but I’ve never met O-dub face to face. And I couldn’t think of a better place to geek out with him than at Groove Merchant Records in San Francisco. Not only that, but it just so happened that I had met store owner Chris Veltri in the past – I just forgot. Anyway, two chance meetings with two really cool individuals. This post goes out to you guys.

Also, if you’re in the SF Bay Area, go check out Chris’ store. It felt great being in an all vinyl record store again, on account of my shameful ass always buying on ebay. It felt reassuring. Plus, Groove Merchant actually has an amazing selection of Latin Records, I strongly recommend checking them out if you live in the area. I picked up a Haitian record and an obscure record of Mexican mambos, a song from which I tossed up below. Enjoy!

1. Los Chucos y Chu Chu Jimenez: Mambo De Cienpie

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