Bronx River Parkway

I just want to let everyone know that I sometimes get people asking me to review their record or put up their dj mix. I am always happy to help out in any way possible. But as I rule I tend to put up music that stays with in the context of what super-sonido is all about. Plus, it has to be something I really like. So it comes as no surprise that when I received this PR pack for the group Bronx River Parkway, I nearly crapped my pants. Fuck yeah! These guys are awesome. The only disappointing item about all this is that I already own all their stuff, so it wouldn’t be fair to ask for free shit. Damn! Nevertheless, go buy this album!!! It’s already been out for a year. I put up a low grade MP3 of my favorite track (that way no one gets mad at me), but really this whole album stands out.

1. Bronx River Parkway: Aqua Con Sal



The Song:

The second single off Bronx River Parkway’s San Sebastian 152 is a saucy hip-shaker dripping with their signature Latin-funk flavor. These mainstays of Williamsburg-based Truth & Soul are known for a sound and style that stem from authenticity, not imitation. Legendary Sammy Ayala, formerly of Cortijo y Su Combo, leads the group of almost 20 musicians. Ayala brings his recognizable presence to the vocals of “Agua Con Sal” with a sultry style and flair. The minimalist production gives the feel of a live performance, while the polyrhythmic percussion arrangements compliment the classic horn section. ¡Una otra, por favor!

The Background: 

This collective of musicians hailing from both New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico fuse seamlessly to create a flawless combination of Truth & Soul’s classic soul rhythms with the sounds and emotion of indigenous Puerto Rican and Caribbean music. The Hispanic funk jams of Bronx River Parkway’s upcoming album San Sebastian 152 are the perfect example of this synthesis: the record sets down timeless grooves that beg listeners to get down. Among the 20+ musicians of Bronx River Parkway is legendary lead singer, Sammy Ayala, an original member of Cortijo y Su Combo. He has been regarded as “The most consistent figure on Puerto Rico’s musical journey from folk to popular,” according to The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network. Ayala brings his trademark energy, stirringly passionate vocals, and floor-stomping performance to San Sebastian 152, which encourages engagement between the audience and performers in both live performances and through their recordings. This, in conjunction with the other talented souls of the orchestra, makes the album a force of nature: powerful, strong, and certain to make you move. San Sebastian 152 will be released on Truth & Soul, a Williamsburg-based modern vanguard of soul and funk, formed by Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman.

Audio Streams:

“Agua Con Sal”

Mega Mezcla album sampler

“La Valla”

Video Streams:

Rostarr and Truth & Soul- “Percussive Movement No. 5 -Timelapse”

Rostarr and Truth & Soul- “Percussive Movement No. 7 -Timelapse”

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:

Truth & Soul MySpace:

Truth & Soul Imeem:

Truth & Soul Official Site:

1 Response to “Bronx River Parkway”

  1. 1 Cloudnein November 5, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Plus the cover art by Rostarr is pretty amazing too, especially when you’ve got the album on wax!

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