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Tigers Milk Records new Paco Zambrano/Juaneco 7 inch (review)

Check out my earlier post on Chicha music, you can actually hear the Juaneco y Su Combo song (my 45 ended up being the master for this project). Nevertheless, these guys from England purchased the rights and reissued the song on a new 7 inch.

The interesting part was that the Peruvian record label INFOPESA or DIMSA (I forget which one) didn’t even have the masters anymore. It just illustrates how important the reissue business can be, it’s like they’re doing the world a favor. Also, I had a record label once, and believe me you, there is no money in it. This is a labor of love if you think so or not.

But the great thing about all this is the Paco Zambrano boogaloo track. Great track and I never heard it before – I just hope I get my FREE!!! copy. Anyway, check out their site, purchase the 45. Highly recommended!

– Sonido Franko

Well, this is just a one off email to introduce you to a new record label set up by myself and Martin Morales, a sister project of Martin’s Ceviche restaurant based in Soho, London.

The label will be covering the spectrum of PERUVIAN music from vintage psych rock to electronica – the common thread will be it’s heritage. Artist albums, comps, the lot and for a quick listen to our first single, click on the bandcamp link.

Check us out if you have a moment,

– Duncan B


Dj Lengua: Perdido ***Official Music Video***

I just did a post on music from Peru, so I thought I’d toss this video up from artist/musician/homeboy Dj Lengua. Most the footage is taken in Peru, taken by Dj Lengua himself – and it’s really cool. I’m sure some animals were hurt in this production, but Lengua was kind enough to omit any of the bloody stuff.

I’ve been to a pelea de gallos once in Panama, and it is pretty hardcore stuff. People where acting so drunk and so fucking crazy that I thought the world was coming to an end. Anyway, cocks fighting and old ladies dancing is pretty standard stuff in Latin America. Please enjoy!

29 Days Of 45

So once again Super Sonido presents another installment of 45’s all February long. This year though, we are blessed with an additional day, so stay tuned daily for some fantastic Latin American music. Perhaps I’ll save the best for last, on that leap year day. I already have Marcos on board as a guest this month, but as always, I invite any of the viewing/listening audience to participate. Just hit me up with any idea you have at –  Please enjoy!

– Sonido Franko

Acid Sonidero Mix con Dj Lengua

Entry #2 in our “Exitos” mixtape series is “Acid Sonidero” by DJ Lengua, or Eamon Ore-Giron as he’s known to his parents. A DJ, producer, and artist (whose work has been exhibited frequently, including at LACMA), Eamon has bounced up and down the Americas, having lived in Peru, DF, SF, and now LA (he’s originally from Tucson). One of the founders of Club Unicornio, the late, great San  Francisco monthly, he’s now one of the forces behind the always-fun Mas Exitos, which takes place the first Thursday of every month here in LA.

I met Eamon (and his rad wife and fellow artist Gina Osterloh) at a bar in Pasadena during Euro ’08, and since then I’ve watched him put on excellent solo art shows, release the killer Cruzando album (get it here), and organize great events like a screening of El Mundo de Los Pobres, the rare 1986 film that stars chicha legends Los Shapis. So it’s an honor to have such a busy person take the time out to make a mix for EPR, and “Acid Sonidero” is fantastic, a mad mix of drowsy drops, washboard rhythms, and bass for hips, ending with a sample from Dr. Dre. It’s a crazy flight through the  Andes up to Mexico City, with a trip back home to California. Thank you Eamon!

Taken from Echo Park Records

Amor a la Mexicana

I just wanted to post the full Panamérika show for you. It seems that the interview got picked up by the Ibero 90.9 FM, which is a private college radio station in Mexico City. The funny thing is, there is a ton of pretty awesome record dealers right next to the Ibero (Universidad Iberoamericana) – I’ve come up huge there in the past, so this post has come full circle so to speak. Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of accolades from the Mexican blogosphere – twitter for the most part. So thank you for all the love. Also, I wanted to drop some Mexican cumbia while I had the opportunity. All you Ibero kids remember, di no a las drogas!!! Disfrútalo!!!

1. Los Supersonicos Del Ritmo: Escucha Juventud

2. Panamé Programa 142 (large file)


When a man by the name of Uriel Waizel emailed me from Mexico City wanting to do an interview at my house, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. For a while now, I have been familiar with the online radio/tv station he works at: Panamé – they have spoken about Super Sonido in the past, so that wasn’t the problem. The dilemma I had, was if Uriel was even going to show up to my house or not. For instance, someone will visit your house or office, and you need contractors to do some fixes in the roof, prime building and construction offers an affordable commercial roof services st louis mo area. They ensure to get the best solution for your roofing system.

 Now if you have ever lived in Mexico City (which I have), you’d understand that there are two completely different ideas of time. Gringo Time, where one hour means one hour – and Mexican Time, where one hour can mean a day or two. And sometimes you have to take an appointment with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, Uriel showed up at my house – and yes, on time. Please go check out my interview at Panamé if you can. I had the great pleasure of hanging out, drinking, talking, and listing to some great music with Mr. Waizel and his wife. His love for really obscure cumbias made me like this Chilango instantly. Anyway, I wanted to take the opportunity to drop some of the more obscure tracks that you can hear in the interview. Also, I want to take the time out to thank them for coming over, braving my freezing flat and listening to me rant for 3 hours – you guys are awesome. Enjoy!

1. Los Bobby Soxers: Aguardiente y Limon

2. Tita Duval y su Cumbianba: Cumbia a Go Go

3. Lemaire y su Klan: Mar y Sol

4. Los Teen Agers: La Gaita Marciana

Mas Exitos – Menudo Mix

Peep the new Mas Exitos Menudo Mix, it is awesome (what the hell is the second to last song??? amazing) – Ill be djing with these guys on May 7th, so if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check us out. Enjoy!

– Sonido Franko

Mas Exitos is a monthly Los Angeles event that traces the connections between the music made on both continents of the Americas by exploring the various migration patterns through sound. Think of it as a National Geographic documentary on sound that will take you from the Andes of Peru to the East Side of LA. From fuzzy cumbias, to jumping boogaloos, to funky soul oddities, to disco aztecas, rock n’ rolleros, a-go-go latino, paisadelic-psychedelic freak outs and janky electro beats… * Mas Exitos: Dj Ganas, Dj Enorbito, DJ Lengua *