Balada Fuzz con Rodolfo

I’m not sure if these 45’s belong to Colombian crooner Rodolfo Aicardi or if there is some other ballad singer on the Discos Fuentes label solely named Rodolfo. If I had to put some money on it, I’d go with the former guess rather than the latter.

According to a few biographies I’ve read, Aicardi has been associated with various musical genres within his 40+ singing career: from Cumbia, Cumbión, Merengue, Paseo, Balada, Balada-Rock, Balada-Ranchera, Plena, Funk, Jala Jala, Paseaito, Bolero, Saltarín, Guajira, Porro, Salsa, Porro, Zamba, Ranchera, Cumbia Andina, Maestranza, Puya, Guaracha, Tamborera – to name a few.

The irony was that these songs presented below were probably his least popular songs in South America. Like the Peruvian band Las Pasteles Verdes or Argentinian singer Leo Dan – Rodolfo found a much larger audience for his over-the-top fuzzed out lyrical romanticism in Mexico of all places.

At any rate, some truly incredible songs. Almost has that now-sound/James Bond thing going on – especially with the song Incertidumbre (uncertainty), which is a cover song of a much older bolero standard. Great stuff for the beat heads. Enjoy!

1. Rodolfo: Incertidumbre

2. Rodolfo: Voy A Hablarte Francamente

3. Rodolfo: Has Regresado Viejo Amigo

4. Rodolfo: Buscando Amor

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