Concierto Para Bongo

1. Perez Prado: Cayitano

I probably don’t have to go into detail about who Perez Prado is. His style of music has stood up to the test of time, to the point where the “King Of The Mambo” has even become a huge part of American popular culture. I myself consider Perez Prado the James Brown of Latin American music. His showmanship, longevity, the extensive catalogue of music, and his orchestrating grunts are in a strange way comparable to the “Godfather Of Soul“.  It just seemed totally necessary to create an entire category in his honor.

In the 60’s Perez Prado’s popularity began to wane as did his association with the mambo and RCA Victor. In the many years to follow, Prado’s music would constantly reinvent itself with the incorporation of go-go, rock, psychedelic, funk, and even disco.  And although his music had adapted to the times, it always maintained Perez Prado’s signature sound.

Concierto Para Bongo is probably one of my favorite records of this era. The A side is pure go-go music. Whereas, the B side is a 17 minute drum instrumental (the song serves as background music in Pedro Almodovar’s Kiki). Despite all the kitsch, this record should not be underestimated.

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